Word Up!

Here’s a chance for you to practice your knowledge of basic Irish words (or, focal simplí gaeilge, if you will). Pretty handy for the younger folk or for those brushing up on some simple vocabulary.

Basic Irish Words

Title Screen

No ads, no in-app purchases, and hundreds of words built in for a range of subjects.

Play match the word against the image (4 to choose from) or match the image against the word (from the 4 given).


Basic Irish Words


Scores are given out of 10 and there are Game Center achievements available for perfect scores in any of the selectable categories.

Pick up a copy now on the App Store.



Basic Irish Words

Basic Irish Words



Explore the Moon!

For the past month or so we’ve been updating our range of apps for iPhone 6 and 6 plus compatibility, but we’ve also been very busy swotting up on Swift. From this point on, all of our new apps will be Swift based.

We’ve also got this curious interest in SceneKit the fantastic new 3-d framework included with iOS 8, and we’re proud to announce our first Swift and SceneKit app Moon Explorer.


Take a 3-d tour around the moon with a full database of craters, manned and unmanned landings. As the resolution is very high and screen real estate is vital for this kind of app it’s iPad only we’re afraid but well worth taking a look at on the app store.

Best of all, no internet access is required for operation. Get it now at a regolith bottom price!

Moon Explorer

Moon Explorer


We have a bit of a penchant here at Fiddle Me Ragged central for anything related to radio, especially amateur radio and SWL (short wave listening).


One of our most popular free downloads in this arena is Q Codes reference, a handy little pocket guide to the famous Q code system developed by the British government back in the early radio days of the 20th Century. Originally they were used for communications between British ships and coastal installations, but they were soon adopted internationally as they eased communications between maritime radio operators who spoke different languages.

Q Codes reference provides a quick guide, with the use of a picker control, to skip (no pun intended) through the standard set of codes. Most codes have two meanings – one a question and one a reply.

For example, QUA can mean -
Do you have news of … (call sign) …
Here is news of … (call sign) …

Q Codes Reference

Q Codes Reference

Is this the best Astronomy based True or False game? TRUE!

It’s here, our new all singing all dancing True or False quiz featuring over a thousand questions on astronomy and space. Choose from questions on planets in the solar system, the Sun, comets or asteroids and play against the clock to get as many points as you can.

Astronomical True or False

Astronomical True or False

Your score is fully integrated into game centre so you can compare scores against people all over the world.

Included are 2 free question packs, ‘The Earth’ and ‘The Moon’ and others are available via in-app purchase. Take a look, and see if your astronomical knowledge is really astronomical!

More FREE fun here

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Trainometer Ireland – How are Irish Rail doing today?

We love big data here at FiddleMeRagged. We also love medium data and little data. To that end, we thought we’d take another look at the Real Time API provided by Irish Rail and see what we could come up with based on the information provided.

Trainometer 1

Swingometer Ahoy!

Trainometer Ireland takes a look at all of the trains current in transit on the Irish Rail network and does some basic calculations to find out, on average, whether the trains are generally running on time or are early or late. There’s a nice retro swingometer showing just that with a digital display of average lateness, how many trains are actually in transit at the current moment and how many are early, on time or late. The display refreshes regularly and re-calculates with every refresh.

By tapping on the Early / On Time / Late labels you can see a list of trains in that category, where they started, where they’re going and how late they are (or even early…), that sort of thing.

Trainometer 2

Dude, where’s my train?

As the GPS positions of all in transmit rains are also usually available we also provide the facility to show all of the currently in transit trains on the network. The pins on the map are colour coded – purple is early, green is on-time and red is, of course, late. Tapping on a pin tells you what train it is and how late (or early, remember?) it is. You can do the usually zoom in, out, pan, etc. with the map.

Hope you enjoy it, it’s completely free and supported with some basic ads. It’s just a bit of fun at the moment and entirely dependent on the information supplied by Irish Rail’s Real Time API.

Download for FREE

Download for FREE

Cup Final Challenge Scores Again


Cup Final Challenge


We just posted an updated to Cup Final Challenge, our pretty damn superb iPad only trivia app. It’s a chance for you to test your skill and knowledge related to cup finals around the world.

By default you get questions on the FA Cup with an in-app purchase option to buy additional packs relating to the Champions League and the World Cup. Of course, you also get full Game Center support so you can keep track of your scores against those of other players around the world.

And, you get an originally written background soundtrack for free. Ok, so we’re not exactly Rogers and Hammerstein but we think it suits the mood quite well.

Cup Final Challenge is FREE and the update is live now.

Download Cup Final Challenge

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Can you reach Escape Velocity?

One thing that we’ve considered here at FiddleMeRagged is the eventuality that we may one decay become trapped on an alien world in a spacecraft which relies on conventional fuel for propulsion. Ok, it’s unusual and we’d usually rely on something regenerative like zero point or even artron energy but on occasion it’s important to refresh one’s memory with regard to classical propulsion and 21st century technology.

It's cold here!

It’s cold here!

To that end we developed the Escape Velocity Calculator app which will calculate your escape velocity from any celestial body given its Mass, Radius and (optionally) Relative Height from its mean surface radius. (We also included some samples from our own solar system for reference, so you can see how things work).

Unfortunately spacecraft are not widely available for the populous at large during the early years of the 21st century so we added a bit of a whizzy feature which calculates the exact escape velocity from the planet Earth taking into account your GPS co-ordinates (which allows the app to correct for the oblateness of the not-quit-so-spherical earth) and relative height above the earth’s surface. For example, if you’re nearer the equator the escape velocity is slightly lower as you’re higher up. Equally if you’re standing atop a mountain rather than on the shores of the Dead Sea then your escape velocity will also be a little lower.

Take a look, it’s FREE and it might just get you out of a scrape.

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Irish Real Time Rail, A History In Screenshots

Irish Real Time Rail 2009

The original DART stations covered.


Back in 2009 when we first started developing for iOS our first app provided real time train information for the Dublin DART railway service.

Train information was scraped from a rather primitive mobile web page provided by Irish Rail at the time and went on to sell very well. At the time we were the first app to provide this service back in April 2009.

Here’s a screenshot from the first version, note the interesting colour scheme!





Irish Real Time Rail 2011

Skeuomorphism Rules ok?


As time went on Irish Rail improved their public API and we changed from providing just DART information to providing information on all rail services in Ireland.We also went free with this release, funding our development costs with simple banner ads.


With the advent of iOS 7 we overhauled the application going from the skeuomorphic original design to one more in keeping with the iOS 7 aesthetic. Clean, simple, focussing on the content more than the styled presentation.


Irish Real Time Rail 2014




Also, with the iOS 7 release we also changed the app to gather station information dynamically so that the app would update itself with any new stations or changes to existing stations on the fly thus minimising the amount of maintenance we had to do. We also remained with the ad funded model which allows us to continue development to this day.





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The Great (Ancient Greek) Philosophers

Released this week, three great new question and answer apps featuring some greats of the ancient greek philosophical world – Seneca, Socrates and Epicurus.

Great Philosophers Quiz – Seneca  ---Download


Great Philosophers Quiz – Socrates  ---Download


 Great Philosophers Quiz – Epicurus  ---Download


Fully integrated with Game Center with scoreboards and achievements.